Fourth is the new first

24 August 2011

Back in 2006, I wrote a web page about copywriting and copywriters in Ireland. For the next five years, it was number one on Google for ‘copywriter Ireland’, ‘copywriters Ireland’, ‘copywriting Ireland’, ‘copywriting Dublin/Cork/Waterford’... you get the picture.

The upshot was that a lot of my work came from the Emerald Isle. I wrote radio ads for Dublin’s Newstalk, I wrote for holiday companies on the West coast, I wrote about stately homes for hire. A website I wrote even won a coveted Golden Spider.

Now, a couple of months ago, I had my own website redone. (Not bad, is it?) I now find myself fourth on Google for ‘copywriter Ireland’, ‘copywriters Ireland’, ‘copywriting Ireland’ etc. I’m not complaining. Nor should I — because enquiries from across the Irish Sea have trebled.

In the last week, I’ve written a brochure on alternative energy for an Irish company, a photographer in County Louth has turned me into an estate agent, and a software developer in Cork has lined up some website copywriting for me.

Now, I’ve heard that position 10 is better than 7-9 and eighth is better than seventh (because of the fold). I’m now guessing that positions three and four are close to the Golden Mean (is that the right phrase?) where the eye is naturally drawn.

Whatever the science of it, if you’re Ireland-based and need a copywriter, it seems like I’m the man. Call me today on +44 1772 435827.

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