Copywriting for every county

12 July 2011

When Nick from Auditel commissioned us to write a sales letter for his business based in Marlborough, Wiltshire, recently, it completed a remarkable accomplishment: copywriting for the complete set of England’s 48 counties.

That’s right: in eight years of trading, we’ve provided copywriting for clients in every single county from Cumbria to Cornwall. Yes, even including Rutland.

We’ve created brochure sets in Buckinghamshire, websites for West Sussex, and, er, sales collateral for Shropshire.

Naturally, we’ve provided copywriting for Scotland, Wales and Ireland, too (remember, we’re number one for copywriting in Ireland). And our copywriting services have been exported as far as Sweden, Holland, the US, Germany, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

We do our copywriting from near Manchester in the North West of England. But freelance copywriting works just fine, regardless of boundaries, using phone and email. Of course, if you want to discuss your copywriting needs in person, that’s no problem. Especially if you’re in the Maldives.

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