Copywriter goes from soup kitchen to top table

21 October 2013

Well, it’s been nearly a year since my last blog post. That’s shocking. Not that anyone reads this stuff. Apart from you. Have you really nothing better to do?

But I have good reason to blog today. After ten years of languishing in Google’s soup kitchens, I find myself suddenly at the top table.

A Google search today for ‘copywriter’, ‘copywriting’, ‘freelance copywriter’ and ‘freelance copywriting’ has yielded front page results for the lot. Full house. Bingo.

I’d love to tell you that this success, for which some would pay thousands a month, is down to finely honed SEO skills and a forensic understanding of Panda and Penguin. But that’d be a lie.

Truth is, it’s as random as a snowflake in June.

However, it has prompted this blog post. I think a few more might follow soon, too, as that seems to be how to keep Google sweet these days. #AlgorithmOfTheMonth

Happy days.

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