Copywriter demands an Ofcopy

6 July 2009

Checking out the copywriting competition today, I found one guy charging £450 a day who had clearly missed those vital ‘i before e except after c’ lessons. Not once but twice did he write ‘recieve’ on his Info and Prices page. This same copywriter also seems to think that elusive is spelt ‘illusive’ and that relative means relevant.

To be honest, this isn’t the first time a lazy trawl through my copywriting competition has revealed mind-numbing levels of illiteracy — comma splices, spellos, misplaced apostrophes and just downright clumsy use of language seem to be the norm.

Now, I know that if you’re a business owner, you’re probably not looking for grammatical perfection. You want to shift your product or build your brand. And that’s what a good copywriter will do.

But, for £450 a day, you do have a right to expect that your chosen copywriter can string together a correctly punctuated, properly constructed sentence.

Let’s face it, the brand-building is the soft furnishings. The ability to write a proper sentence is the bricks and mortar and, if that’s not in place, your house will come a-tumbling down.

This is the trouble with the Net.  It’s great for buying and selling stuff cheaply, communicating across the world and for, ahem, single people. However, it’s also fantastic for pretending to be something you’re not. Like a copywriter.

Ofcopy, anyone?

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