Change your thinking on direct mail

6 March 2012

Whilst I’m in the mood (see previous post today on my ‘love’ for jargon), I might as well debunk a little more.

I just had an email through about overprinting envelopes. You know the kind of thing — for £145, you can have 1000 gummed, windowed envelopes that come with an enticing pre-printed message.

An enticing, pre-printed message that will ensure that 99.9% of your mailing goes straight in the recycling without even troubling the nickel-plated letter-opener.

If you’re like me, when the mail lands on my doormat each day, I file the brightly coloured stuff under B for bin without even pausing to read those oh-so-enticing messages.

You see, I don’t like being sold to, just like most of the population. So how are you going to get your carefully selected mailing list to open your envelopes?

Simple. Keep ‘em blank (and preferably brown). When I’m unsure of the sender, I’ll open my mail every time (it might be important).

My only question is: why has the direct-mail industry (set to be worth £15.6 billion by 2015) not grasped this staggeringly simple fact?

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