And then they used the P word

27 October 2011

It was all looking so good. The new Tropicana ad came on telly tonight. They told me that great-tasting juice doesn’t just grow on trees.

Hell, no. They told me the pickers had to embrace a storm. That they cared for seedlings like they’d care for a child. That they had 60 years’ experience. And that they deliver great taste by packing and squeezing everything in 24 hours.

I’m thinking: ‘Hmm. Pride, passion.’

But then, stupidly, they said it. The P word. (Passionate.) Both aforementioned P words, actually.

This word is such an overused cliche that the next time I hear it will be the last. I will deliver a batch of rotting passion fruit to the reception desk of the next business to utter this word in a promotional context. You have been warned.

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