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Freelance copywriter: who’d want to be one of those?

Freelance copywriters seem to be ten-a-penny these days. But how do you get into the industry and why would you want to?

22 August 2015

Happy birthday to me

Celebrating ten years in business as a freelance copywriter

24 October 2013

Copywriter goes from soup kitchen to top table

After 10 years languishing in the foothills of Google, I suddenly find myself near the summit. Pass the oxygen.

21 October 2013

Why I won’t stand for misuse of sat

30 October 2012

When creativity just gets in the way

Creativity can sometimes mask a message, especially in a badly chosen headline.

9 May 2012

That’s just rude

It’s impolite not to acknowledge stuff

9 March 2012

Copywriting buyers beware

Copywriting used to be the preserve of the uber-talented

7 March 2012



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