Copywriting FAQs


How does it work, then?Top

You’re probably worried that a copywriter won’t know as much about your business as you do. But a copywriter doesn’t need to. A copywriter needs to know what makes your brand special and who buys it. I’ll establish this with phone interviews, my briefing form and, if you provide Mini Eggs, a face-to-face meeting.

Why should I not just do it myself?Top

Hmm, unless you’re an undiscovered talent, it’s like the contrast between Macromedia Flash and clip art. Don’t get a sore bottom line.

Do I need to pay money up-front?Top

Yes, in a brown envelope, in used notes, on a Sicilian hilltop, wearing shades. Er, no.

What if I don’t like what you produce?Top

My clients usually want to kiss me. However, your first draft is just that. I’ll make any amends you like. If it doesn’t meet the brief, you pay nothing.

What sort of copy do you specialise in?Top

Direct mail, websites, sales literature, feature articles, case studies, ad campaigns, medical editing, newsletters, humorous articles… whatever.

How quickly can you turn it around?Top

I can usually fit in a small project inside a week or so. Larger ones may need a bit of crowbarring.

Will copywriting cost me a lot of money?Top

Only as much as a bad plumber. In truth, you’ll always find someone to give you a better price. If they’re also a better copywriter, go for it.

Do you work internationally?Top

I have copywriting clients across the world, including the US, Germany, Holland and Australia. By the way, I’m also number one in copywriting in Ireland and right up there with the best in Scotland.

What about payment?Top

Yep, I like to be paid for my copywriting. It helps my kids eat. I ask for 14 days from the date of the invoice. However, if you’ve not got back to me or requested a second draft after 14 days, I reserve the right to invoice.

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“We found Nigel when searching for a copywriter on Google. Not having met him, I was a bit nervous about conducting the whole project over the phone and web. I needn’t have worried — Nigel was fantastic, working us through the process with ease and minimum effort on our part. Extremely pleased with the result — Nigel gave us perfect copy, with easily accessible, high-quality writing. Very pleased to have found him and would recommend without hesitation.”

Ross Williams, Rawnet Limited, Windsor, UK

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